Charity Tweets & Book Giveaways

Charity Tweets & Book Giveaways

For anyone who follows me on twitter, you probably noticed my feed this weekend consisted of nothing but tweets about Zelda and a charity campaign, MoblinsForMatt. I don’t consider myself a true gamer and have never played any of the Zelda games on my own, but this campaign’s success had (and still has) great meaning to me.

MoblinsForMatt was created by Corey Austen, a gamer who lost his younger brother and fellow Zelda fan, Matt, to SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy) in May. Matt was only 23, and his passing has hit everyone who knew him extremely hard, especially because none of them had heard about SUDEP until after his death.

Corey’s story has been shared far and wide across the internet, appearing on ZeldaInformer, Nintendo Life, and GameInformer among countless others. In an attempt to further awareness about SUDEP and raise funds for further research and outreach, Corey and a group of his friends set out on a Zelda marathon, playing some of Matt’s favorite games while asking viewers to donate to the Epilepsy Foundation.


MoblinsForMatt’s banner created by Emmie Rodriguez.

I only knew Matt for a very short period of time. We met at a murder mystery party one of my best friends hosted last November. A number of us from the party ended up hanging out for a while the next morning, playing guitar hero. Matt was one of them. But I’ve heard so much about him from friends, and I’ve seen how lost those friends have been since May.

And so we spent the weekend camped out in my living room floor, cheering Corey and his crew on as they shot for fundraising goal after goal. We watched, stunned, as so many people came together to raise over $5,000 in Matt’s honor. And that is definitely something to tweet about.

Though I won’t be tweeting non-stop about MoblinsForMatt until another charity stream begins, expect frequent tweets about a giveaway my first novel, Whispers on the Wind, is a part of. Multiple indie fantasy authors have come together through Fantasy Emporium to offer a copy or two of their works.

I encourage you to check out the giveaway page by clicking on the banner below (or here, if you’d prefer to enter via facebook) and tell your friends. Entries will be accepted now through October 11th, at which point winners will be selected at random and notified, so it’s a great way to discover new authors you might never hear about otherwise.


Normal blog posts should return again soon, but will include the giveaway banner until the 11th. But as we head towards November, expect some more writing-related content to trickle in – NaNoWriMo draws near.

Editing book two and sending best wishes,

Two Stacks (an overdue update)

Two Stacks (an overdue update)

Well, the blog went on another long hiatus without warning.

I’m hoping to change that, though, and prevent another from happening anytime soon.  A lot has changed since my last post, from graduating college to medical school applications and beyond, so to explain what this means for the blog, let me tell you about the two stacks currently sitting on my desk.


The large stack on the right shouldn’t be too surprising.  It’s my Ireland schemes folder, buried under the different books I use to write my blog posts.  Some I’ve referenced before, but others are new to the stack – books on the fae and other figures from Celtic lore.

And the smaller stack?  That’s the current draft of Echoes from the Past, my second novel.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a writer.  I self published my first novel, Whispers on the Wind, back in August 2013.   The storyline stems from my love of all things Irish and fae lore, so it makes perfect sense in mind to bring the two things I love to write – my novels and posts about Ireland – together in one place.

This doesn’t mean I’m going to stop writing about places to see in Ireland, or that I’m giving up on traveling overseas this summer.  Actually, that dream’s coming true!  After scheming and saving for almost three years, a 9 day, 8 night self guided tour of Ireland fell into my lap unexpectedly a month ago.  The tickets are booked, meaning my mother and I will be leaving for Dublin the last week of May!


Now the hunt for all the camera gear I’ll need begins.

So what does this mean for the blog?  Just a slight change, really.  I want to keep writing about castles and monasteries, but I also want to bring in legends and folklore, too.  Those topics will make up the bulk of this blog, but I’ll also occasionally share how I’m fairing with my noveling endeavors.

I’ve added a page dedicated to my book and short stories and encourage you to check it out.  Also new are links to my facebook page and twitter account.  Feel free to like and follow me there to see what I’m up to between blog updates.

Look for new posts on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout April and May!  I have quite a few already queued, with the first set to post April 5th.  Then, May 31st thru June 8th, tune in for updates as my mother and I make our way around the Emerald Isle.  There will be lots of pictures, I can guarantee it. ^^

Thanks for sticking with me through these changes,

Rachel C. Lightfoot