My Writing

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved writing and telling stories.  But my love of Ireland and its lore is what finally led me to write a novel, the first in an ongoing series.  That novel, Whispers on the Wind, is set for re-release this summer and can be pre-ordered now.

“As a goblin Luccio’s always been low man on the totem pole, a pest to the more powerful fae in the Glen. He’s survived this long by keeping his head down, only making occasional appearances at the Glen’s lone tavern to see friends.

He may not have much, but he does have a secret – he’s a people watcher. On evenings when the Veil between worlds is thinnest, he ventures to peer through his favorite window to the mortal world. But when he first sets eyes on Bree, his world changes. Her imagination keeps him coming back, but when danger befalls her he realizes there’s something more important than survival – living.”

Book two, Echoes from the Past, is currently undergoing revisions with September as a tentative release date.

In the meantime, I encourage you to check out my wattpad account for short stories following the Glen’s inhabitants outside of the main storyline.

Happy reading!