Illness and Trip Excitement

It always seems like the best thought out plans are the quickest to derail.

As I’d mentioned in previous posts, it was my intent to post a new update every Tuesday and Thursday until the end of May, then switch to brief daily updates while overseas.  However, April hit me hard – first with a family emergency, then with mind-fogging sickness. Writing became impossible, and researching for updates completely out of the question.

I’m finally starting to get back on my feet, but last minute travel plans have me preoccupied.  26 days – I honestly can’t believe it’s so close!

Hopefully, I’ll have a chance to write and queue more posts before then, but in the meantime, I’m going to keep resting and finalizing those last minute things that keep popping up.  I found out today I will have my laptop – versus my mom’s – with me during the trip though, which means I’ll most likely be vlogging rather than writing about our adventure.


Best wishes,
R.C. Lightfoot

A brief interlude

Due to a family emergency, I was unable to prepare a normal blog post for today.  I still have every intention of writing the post I had planned, but due to said emergency, haven’t the energy to spare for it in this moment.

I’ll be taking a few days to recollect my thoughts, and should be back on schedule next week (with perhaps an extra update to make up for this lost day).

Thanks for understanding,

~RC Lightfoot

Two Stacks (an overdue update)

Two Stacks (an overdue update)

Well, the blog went on another long hiatus without warning.

I’m hoping to change that, though, and prevent another from happening anytime soon.  A lot has changed since my last post, from graduating college to medical school applications and beyond, so to explain what this means for the blog, let me tell you about the two stacks currently sitting on my desk.


The large stack on the right shouldn’t be too surprising.  It’s my Ireland schemes folder, buried under the different books I use to write my blog posts.  Some I’ve referenced before, but others are new to the stack – books on the fae and other figures from Celtic lore.

And the smaller stack?  That’s the current draft of Echoes from the Past, my second novel.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a writer.  I self published my first novel, Whispers on the Wind, back in August 2013.   The storyline stems from my love of all things Irish and fae lore, so it makes perfect sense in mind to bring the two things I love to write – my novels and posts about Ireland – together in one place.

This doesn’t mean I’m going to stop writing about places to see in Ireland, or that I’m giving up on traveling overseas this summer.  Actually, that dream’s coming true!  After scheming and saving for almost three years, a 9 day, 8 night self guided tour of Ireland fell into my lap unexpectedly a month ago.  The tickets are booked, meaning my mother and I will be leaving for Dublin the last week of May!


Now the hunt for all the camera gear I’ll need begins.

So what does this mean for the blog?  Just a slight change, really.  I want to keep writing about castles and monasteries, but I also want to bring in legends and folklore, too.  Those topics will make up the bulk of this blog, but I’ll also occasionally share how I’m fairing with my noveling endeavors.

I’ve added a page dedicated to my book and short stories and encourage you to check it out.  Also new are links to my facebook page and twitter account.  Feel free to like and follow me there to see what I’m up to between blog updates.

Look for new posts on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout April and May!  I have quite a few already queued, with the first set to post April 5th.  Then, May 31st thru June 8th, tune in for updates as my mother and I make our way around the Emerald Isle.  There will be lots of pictures, I can guarantee it. ^^

Thanks for sticking with me through these changes,

Rachel C. Lightfoot

A quick update…

So, with the start of classes, life got crazy and the blog slipped to the wayside yet again.

I’ve decided to try and make a few changes in the hopes that I’ll update more often.  I’ve decided to start arranging post-types by what kind of thing they’re about (ex: monolithic site, castle, natural, ect) rather than clump everything together as planning and try to stick in regions/chronologically what I’d like to do.  That way, if I see something I’m really excited about I’ll feel freer to write about it, even if it’s on the other side of the country. ^^;

I’m also making it my goal to update at least every Thursday.  I only have one class on those days, so it should work out well… Feel free to nag me about it if I don’t update that regularly.

I still plan to continue my last blog post and write about the Hill of Tara next.  Hopefully it’ll be up before the day’s through.



The Beginning of Schemes

So, about two weeks ago, I started a blog on Blogger.  However, I have learned that I’m not too fond of that particular interface… I don’t know why, but WordPress suits my fancy more.  It’s true that I’ve never truly blogged before, but I have had some experience with WordPress through a failed attempt at blogging (read this as putting up two pictures then scrapping the idea).

Anyhow, that’s the main reason I’m here now – I feel the need and desire to blog, and I like this format a bit more.  And what shall I blog about?  Well…

First off, my name’s Rachel.  I’m 19 years old and a college student working towards a bs biology degree.  Pre-med track.  My days are continually filled with reading about different biological processes in the body, as well as related chemistry topics.  I also fancy myself as a writer, but at the moment I struggle to find the time and energy to work on plot development for my self published novel’s sequel.

But probably more relevant to this blog, I’m obsessed with Ireland.

Back in 2011, my family and I went on a 10 day vacation in Ireland.  It was the best experience I’ve ever had, and truly changed me.  I went from being someone who never expected to travel, to someone that yearned to be abroad more than anything. I still spend most of my days dreaming about returning back to Ireland, spending more time exploring the countryside and some of the different sights to be had.

You see, for the first time in my life, I felt like I belonged somewhere.  It’s not to say my family doesn’t love me, believe me, I know they do.  But my mannerisms are quite different from most people in my community, both hometown and collegetown.  And while we were there, some of my little ticks that make me look like a weirdo here actually made me fit in over there, to the point another foreigner came up to me in Dublin and asked for directions because he thought I was a local.

Since 2011, I’ve graduated high school and completed my first year of college.  I’ve made new friends, become more certain in my chosen field, and never stopped dreaming.  Some people have even forbidden Ireland to be mentioned in a conversation around me, just because of how twitchy I get.  In secret, I planned on saving up and disappearing for a few weeks before entering medical school.

But then Chy, my dorm neighbor and sister in many ways, prompted after I prattle one day, “Then why don’t we go the summer after graduation?”

We began plotting.  I graduate in December 2015, she graduates May 2016, assuming her recent major change from pre-vet to equestrian studies doesn’t force her to stay an extra semester.  June 2016 has become our goal.  My mother has even agreed that we should do it, though she requests we not mention it around too many people.

Chy and I have started picking out different places we want to see, and we’ve decided to give each other different jobs as well.  She will be taking care of things such as driving, and she feels the need to mother me.  I’m in charge of all things money.  It’s up to me to set a budget for our travels and figure out exactly how long we’ll be able to stay.  Her boyfriend is planning on joining us on this trip, serving as our driver.

In this blog, I’ll be tracking our progress and gathering details about the different places we’ll be visiting.  First up will be Dublin, where we’ll begin our travels.

Here’s to planning!