A New Chapter Looms

Hey everyone!  I’m sorry for the lack of updates here, but my life has turned completely upside down.

If you saw my last post, you know things weren’t going so well for my family back in March.  However, something as far removed from that sadness as you can possibly imagine happened in April:  I was accepted into medical school for the 2017 entering class.

But not here in the United States – I’ve been accepted at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland.

Even almost a full month later, my head is in a tailspin.  I’d applied to Trinity after stumbling upon their admissions requirements back in February, had my application completed by March 31st, and by April 10th, received the news.

Now my life’s a whirl wind of preparations and paperwork.  There’s so much I want to do between now and September, when I’ll be Ireland bound, and it feels like I don’t have near the time I need to get it all done.  But I know somehow I’ll make it.  Somehow I’ll finish everything up and start off on this crazy adventure of a lifetime.

Five to six years.  I’ll be living in Dublin for five to six years for school.  It’s…  Incredible, and something I’ve dreamed of since my first trip to Ireland back in 2011.

I know this adventure will change the face of this blog drastically.  I’ll no longer have to dream endlessly about what I’d do if I had unlimited time over there.  I’ll be there, able to explore whenever there’s a break in my studies and funds to do so.  But I’ll also be more immersed in the culture itself, the day-to-day life that you can’t really experience when you’re only there for 10 days.

I want to keep track of it all.  All the side adventures, the little details of daily life, and the process of medical school overseas as a whole.

Most likely, those stories will end up here, on my blog.  One of my best friends State-side is planning on doing a Vlog Brothers-style video log with me once I’m overseas, so don’t be surprised if some of those videos find there way here.  Or if there’s the occasional prattle about school rather than a new trip destination or bit of folklore.  Writing stuff might crop up occasionally here as well, though I know realistically I’ll need to put most of that on the back burner.

Thank you all for your continued support during this huge transition.  I apologize that this post isn’t once announcing a new content release schedule, but please continue to bear with me.  This is one adventure that’s too big not to talk about whenever I have a chance to catch my breath. 😉


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