Illness and Trip Excitement

It always seems like the best thought out plans are the quickest to derail.

As I’d mentioned in previous posts, it was my intent to post a new update every Tuesday and Thursday until the end of May, then switch to brief daily updates while overseas.  However, April hit me hard – first with a family emergency, then with mind-fogging sickness. Writing became impossible, and researching for updates completely out of the question.

I’m finally starting to get back on my feet, but last minute travel plans have me preoccupied.  26 days – I honestly can’t believe it’s so close!

Hopefully, I’ll have a chance to write and queue more posts before then, but in the meantime, I’m going to keep resting and finalizing those last minute things that keep popping up.  I found out today I will have my laptop – versus my mom’s – with me during the trip though, which means I’ll most likely be vlogging rather than writing about our adventure.


Best wishes,
R.C. Lightfoot

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