Powerscourt Waterfall

Ireland’s highest waterfall, Powerscourt, is found to the south of Dublin at the foothills of the Wicklow Mountains.  Its cascade is an impressive 398 feet tall and flows down into the Dargle river below.

Image Credit: Powerscourt Estate

The waterfall is just a short distance from the Powerscourt Estate and Gardens and has attracted tourists for well over 200 years.  Many of the trees in the area were planted at this time, including some California redwoods.


Image Credit: Wicklow Tourism

Powerscourt is not a heritage site, and some visitors say the cost is not worth it – Tickets run 5.50 euro per adult, 5 euro per senior.  However, I personally feel that it will be worth the time and price, and could serve as a nice place to stop on the way to St. Kevin’s in Glendalough.  I am less interested in visiting the estate and gardens, however – they require tickets separate from the price to see the waterfall itself.

Image Credit: Powerscourt Estate

During the summer months, the waterfall is open to visitors between 9:30am and 7:00pm.  There is room for picnicking, and a kiosk at the site sells food from June 1st through the end of August.

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