Heritage Card

In my research and planning for this trip, I have come across multiple references to the Heritage Card, something well worth a look for people trying to save some money on their trip.

The card serves as a pass to all sites in the Republic maintained by the state Office of Public Works, and is valid for one year after its first use.  Many of these sites cost around 3 euro per person without the card, but if several are on your list, buying the card could make a difference in the long run.  Keep in mind, however, that the card doesn’t always cover parking at these sites; only admission is guaranteed.

At this time, the card costs 21 euro for adults, 16 for seniors, and 8 euro for students and children 6 to 18 years old.  Family packages are also available, and cards can be bought either in person at any OPW site or bought via a faxed form.

Heritage Ireland’s website contains a full list of all OPW sites, and with sites ranging from castles and friaries to national parks and monolithic sites, it is well worth a look.

In future blog posts, I’ll make a point of saying if a site is a Heritage site, and old posts have been revised to reflect this change.

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